Memphis Home Design Center, LLC Makes Designing Your Dream Bathroom Easy

Design Center Memphis ( is comprised of three experienced designers and one topnotch client specialist all focused on taking your bathroom from concept to completion. The group, which also designs kitchens and closets, utilizes their skills and talents to help clients clarify their wants and needs, refine their vision and realize the bathroom that they desire.

Memphis, Tennessee, October 20, 2012—Design Center Memphis ( ) focuses on ensuring each of their clients is able to realize the bathroom that they desire. Bathrooms are places to relax and unwind, and they are also statements of person’s taste. Whether it’s a large master bath or a basic family bathroom, the company works towards coordinating all elements effortlessly.

Leah Fors, who serves as Senior Kitchen & Bath Designer for Design Center Memphis, observed, “Today the bathroom can be an individual statement for a homeowner. The space can be defined dramatically depending on the type of tiles used, fixtures chosen and accessories added. A luxury shower, a spa or a whirlpool may be incorporated.” She added, “At Design Center Memphis our job is to help our clients realize what that bath should and can be.”

Bathrooms have come a long way from the basic designs that offer just the necessary elements. For many the bathroom has become a sanctuary where they can spend hours relaxing and unwinding. Patterns, colors, textures and finishes now run the gambit from baroque musings to eclectic modernism.

“It’s a matter of taste,” said Fors, “and at the same time the bathroom certainly has a practical aspect. And yet at the same time it can include elements that are pure luxury items. One of our jobs is to help that person who envisions a specific type of bathroom make it a reality. That’s exciting for everyone.”

Home Design Center is composed of for individuals who combine their experience, knowledge and talents to create a total design effort for clients. Leah Fors, who serves as Senior Kitchen & Bath Designer, holds a degree in Consumer Science and Education with a Concentration in Home Furnishings Merchandising from the University of Memphis. She has been designing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms as a senior designer for over six years.

Devon Gilliland, who is a designer and also in charge of operations, earned a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Along with assisting in the selection of raw materials for projects, Devon understands the importance of good communication between the vendors and sub contractors in keeping a project on schedule.

Linda Rudder is in charge of Client Services and Sales and works to make sure customers get the best price possible and premium service. David Gilliland, who serves as a designer and is a Licensed General & Home Remodeling Contractor, is the person focused on implementing the design and making sure that all aspects are as perfect and can be.

Design Center Memphis ( 2075 N. Germantown Pky, Suite 105, Cordova, TN 38016. They can be reached by phone at 901-753-5757 or you may go to their website and click on “CONTACT” at the top right corner of the page and fill out a short form. They will then contact you.


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